It seems to be all the distress of the world on his shoulders. Head down, Claire Lavogez first attempts to answer questions from journalists at the basement of the old Olympic Stadium in Montreal , Friday, June 26 Then give up, overwhelmed by disappointment. The midfielder of 21 years down in tears , comforted by his eldest Gaetane Thiney , who explains : ” Claire is the warrior. At his age , it takes guts to take responsibility in the shootout. ”

A few minutes earlier , on the way the dressing rooms to the Cross -like , this is the coach Philippe Bergeroo surrounding its 1.91 m unfortunate , author of the fifth shot on goal stopped . Following an epic match and a clear domination against Germany (1-1, 5 homers to 4) , the Blues were again eliminated prematurely of a World , this time one in the quarterfinals.
The twenty-three Blue arrived in Canada with the goal of landing on the podium. As the tournament despite the misstep against Colombia, they even kept the foolish hope of a historic first title. For, unlike men, eliminated at the same stage of the competition and face the same opponents last year when the Brazilian World (1-0), El Tri had the capacity to go very far.
Outputs in the semifinals of the 2011 World Cup and 2012 Olympics, already fallen in shots on goal in the quarterfinals at Euro 2013, French footballers fought for 120 minutes to contain their formidable opponent.

A tough opposition who was also expected by the Mannschaft. “Who said we were the best? “And had questioned the veillela malicious Germany coach Silvia Neid. A feeling that will be confirmed during the match his players rarely have been so shaken. The fate of their team has also rested in the hands of the keeper Nadine Angerer, named best player of the match, the last bastion of the besieged citadel.

Yet qualified five minutes from the end of the meeting, with the opening goal of Louisa Necib (64th), the team of France has long held its qualification before a cruel penalty for a disputed hand ball Amel Majri, not surrender the Germans in the game (85th). When, at the end of extra time (116th), only three meters from the German cage, Gaetane Thiney the successor missed the inevitable, the nightmare scenario has taken shape. In front of 25,000 spectators, a large part of French supporters, Montreal took the air of Seville 1982, when the Blues Michel Platini bowed in the semifinals against Germany after a dramatic match.

After the game, the red eyes, the former International Brigitte Henriques, Secretary General responsible for the development of women’s football at the French Football Federation, still do not believe it, “We are frustrated. Again, it does not go … “At his side, the president Christmas Graët not repressed disappointment but saluted the performance of his players. “It is cruel and unfair to the quality of the game displayed. We improved so much when you think that there is only four years, and even two years, there was no comparison with Germany, defended the Breton. This World can only do good to the women’s game. “

Despite the sadness and frustration, experience players immediately adopted a remobilisateur speech. Outclassed by Germany in the Euro 2009 (5-1), beaten in the 2011 World hen (4-2), the team of France has now turned a corner. “I told the team that we could be proud of us. The best team is eliminated, but she has given everything “, was keen to stress the captain, Wendie Renard.

The Olympics to rebound

If the top-level sport often retains only the result, the French women’s football still has definitely captured the hearts and shown at the same time he had not much to envy the dominant nations. Starting next year, the Blues have the opportunity to bounce back. Qualified for the Olympics in Rio, thanks to their place of global quarter-finalists, they will compete in the second Olympic tournament in their history. “We need to use those moments and go for a medal in Brazil. Men also experienced failures before becoming world champions in 1998, “noted defender Jessica Houara-d’Hommeaux.

Thanks to excellent ratings on DTT channel W9, up 2.8 million in the second round, certainly another record broken Friday night, the team hopes to have seduced France and rallied to the cause of the media women’s football. In four years, the Global 2019, awarded on March 19 in France, might look like a consecration. “I asked the girls for dignity and to rebound. I think we’ll get there. There are eleven players in this group who will be there at the World Cup in 2019, “promised coach Philippe Bergeroo present in the staff of the Blues at the only world title in 1998.

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