Terrell Owens bashes Donovan McNabb again

It seems that Terrell Owens is taking public aim at Donovan McNabb again. Ten years ago Owens apparently took aim at Donavan, both playing for the Philadelphia Redskins, in an effort to get him traded or cut.

Terrell Owens views on the matter are quite frankly legitimate. “DUI is a very serious thing, the number of lives that have been lost from it are staggering. It’s a blessing no one was hurt.” “We may not still be playing, but we still serve as role models, you have to be more responsible. . . . Next time, call Uber.”

Back in 2010 T.O. called out McNabb via Twitter for a game played against Washington Redskins ending 59-28, and then covered it up by saying that it was aimed at the team and not directly at him, but this time around it is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, where the attack comes from. Will McNabb react this time?

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