Although Japan came in as reigning World Cup champions, it took less than 6 minutes to see their reality turning into a nightmare.

The Americans and more so Carli Lloyd, attacked defensively, offensively and with force reminding the Japanese that they wont be making the same mistake twice. Opening the game with a staggering 2-0 lead and with Carli Lloyd giving a flamboyant hat trick score, making her the 1st player in the history of the World Cup final, makes this victory all the more glorious.

Japan did not see this coming, and the Japanese methodical way of playing just didn’t pay off. First goal, Carli Lloyd at the 3rd minute. Second goal, Carli Lloyd at the 5th minute.  Third goal, Lauren Holiday at the 14th minute.  Fourth goal, Carli Lloyd at the 16th minute. Fifth goal, Yuki Ogimi at the 27th minute. Sixth goal, Julie Johnston at the 52cnd minute (who headed the ball into her own goal) and last but not least, seventh goal, Tobin Heat a the 54th minute.

Finally The World Cup title belongs to the United States and it goes without saying that it is more than a team effort, it’s a dream come true for everyone of the players on and off that field.



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