Mark Cuban details of DeAndre Jordan Saga He told me He was on a date

Slowly but surely, Mark Cuban reveals his version of the facts about DeAndre Jordan, who had given his word to Dallas to then re-signed with the Clippers. The Mavericks’ owner describes a game of hide-and-seek in Houston.

“On Monday, we communicated all day by SMS evoking the players availability and the remaining money available to recruit,” says Mark Cuban. “We talked about the players we liked and he said he was looking impatient. And on Tuesday, we heard from different people that something was happening.”

Suddenly, the billionaire tried to look for the Center.

“I flew to Houston and I booked a room in a hotel, just minutes from his place. My driver took me there. It is in a gated community but the doors were wide open so we went outside his house. No one was home so I sent him a message telling him that I was there. I knew something was happening and wanted to talk to him. He said he had a date.”

However, after waiting 10 minutes, Mark Cuban decided to return to his hotel. He then sent another SMS to DeAndre Jordan telling him to enjoy his date and they would talk later.

“I also knew that his agents were in town. It was logical that they talk, and in the worst case scenario, his agents would keep me informed if he had any regrets. As with every important decision in a career, it’s normal to be torn. So I was concerned but not worried so went to bed.”

To be continued on Wednesday, said Mark Cuban

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