Marcus Lattimore questioning why the 49ers Picked Him

From what we know of Marcus Lattimore, who suffered a serious knee injury, by dislocating his right kneecap and tearing every ligament back in 2012 while playing with the University of South Carolina thus ending his South Carolina college career, is that he never recovered. Furthermore, he had no choice but to turn to addictive pain killer oxycodone.

The San Francisco 49ers took a chance on Lattimore in the 2013 draft, but Marcus never even came close to getting on the field, putting himself out there, every day, at practice, with an excruciating pain that only meant that his knee was irreparably damaged.

“I went out there and put a smile on my face like everything was alright,” Lattimore said. “But it was hell. Every day.”

Some can argue about why Lattimore even presented himself at drafting season knowing of his injuries, maybe he needed to convince himself that his career is really over. In the end, this young athlete of only 23 years of age, did put an end to his career. Is it wisdom or hard core pain.

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