Crazy for Cleveland Browns Joe Haden's Jersey

Though not the most most mediatized players of the NFL, Joe Haden sure knows how to sell. It is, in any case, what Dick’s Sporting Goods site, noticed. Specialized in the sale of Jerseys, the Cleveland Browns uniform of the cornerback is the most asked about jersey on last month’s radar and this year altogether.

Ranked number one, Haden outsells Odell Becham Jr. of the New York Giants in last month sales, as well as, Peyton Manning, of the Denver Broncos. DeMarco Murray of the Philadelphia Eagles and Andrew Luck of the Indianapolis Colts completing this, rather new, top 5 ranking.

Also in this ranking we find Donte Whitner in 18th position, and Joe Thomas in 19th position. One thing’s for sure: the new shirt of the Cleveland Browns doesn’t seem to displease the local fans …

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