Greg Hardy's suspension reduced from 10 to 4 games by the NFL

Greg Hardy, Dallas Cowboys defensive end, seems to be loosing his will to fight the suspension. Due to a domestic violence situation, the suspension was given under the new Personal Conduct Policy, but the league failed to follow the old policy since the incident occurred in 2014.

Sitting out 15 games so far for this pending matter, it seems that The Players’ Association is fighting the NFL for Hardy and they are ready to go to court if there is no suspension reduction. They are Looking for, at least, a six game reduction. Be as it may, Greg Hardy was never charged for the incident and has lost quite a bit of money even more so than if he would of signed a new 2014 contract.

The NFLPA fought a similar battle in the case of Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson’s, arguing that the new policy couldn’t be applied retroactively, it is also clear that the longer arbiter Harold Henderson waits the stronger is the case against the NFL .

In any case, it all comes down to Hardy’s suspension, and whether it will be reduced or not, but it also means that Greg Hardy has absolutely nothing to lose by fighting his suspension.

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