Deron Williams is leaving Brooklyn Nets to sign with Dallas Mavericks

As he hoped, Deron Williams is leaving the Brooklyn Nets. Four years after joining them, the point guard reached an agreement with the franchise, who’s decided to give him $25 to $30 million dollars to buy his contract and release him.

A salary far too expensive by $43 million over a two year period, and after multiple injuries accompanied by conflict with his coach Lionel Hollins, with whom he almost came to blows last February, Deron Williams will become a free agent within the next 48 hours, allowing him to sign with the Dallas Mavericks, an offer of $10 million over two years.

Clearly, he will lose between $3 and $8 million dollars, but he will be able to regain his native Texas and leave a franchise where he never really felt comfortable. The Brooklyn Nets, who had made his arrival in February 2011, the first step towards the conquest of the title, failed miserably.

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