Baltimore Ravens extends Sam Koch for another 5 years

Sam Koch seems to be one of the few punters who stays in the same team for a long period of time, now entering his 10th season with the Baltimore Ravens, he reached a contract extension of $16.25 million over five years, on Thursday.

People ask why not try to get more money in the open market next offseason? Well simply because of his family life in the Baltimore area, where his children and wife have been living for 9 years.

Sam his also considered the 7th highest paid punter and last season alone, leading the NFL with a 43.3-yard net average and 47.4-yard gross average thus setting a franchise mark.

Never reaching the Free Agency status, Koch, now 32 years old, was a 6th round pick in 2006, making him the 2nd, most committed player, after Terrell Suggs.

Koch told the team’s website, “I’m extremely excited that I will continue to be a Raven for the next several years. It has always been my idea that I’ll be a Raven for life, because this is a first-class organization.”

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