UFC189 McGregor vs Mendes

On the eve of the most speculated encounter of UFC 189, it all comes down to technique and skill.

We may want to read about about Conor McGregor’s full history, from the moment he started, every nook and cranny of every fight and we can do the same about Chad Mendes or we can choose to read every blog and gossip line about this delightfully savage trash-talker Irishman, best self promoter of all times.

No one has really, really challenged McGregor the way Mendes will and perhaps it is exactly the kind of rivalry McGregor was avoiding all this time. After all Mendes is one of the best fighters in the world and fought against much tougher competition than McGregor, losing only twice in his career.

Although both McGregor and Mendes record is 17-2 it sure leaves much to the imagination of what is going to happen tomorrow.

One might think that McGregor is a UFC fabrication who’s never been hurt, nonetheless, the man can fight.

Tomorrow night will be a revelation, Is McGregor the best fighter of the UFC?

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