Will Hardy reduced suspension have any impact on Brady's appeal decision?

A four game reduction in a domestic violence charge for Greg Hardy of the Dallas Cowboy versus a four game reduction for under inflated footballs for Tom Brady of the New England Patriots now some might argue that this is unfair. But if we look closely we might think otherwise.

To begin with, for Greg Hardy’s decision, it was Harold Henderson, who was the independent arbitrator, while for Tom Brady, it is Commissioner Roger Goodell himself, who is the arbitrator. Also in the case of Tom Brady, there is a letter from executive vice president Troy Vincent mentioning of past conduct and lack of cooperation in the investigation.

But Goodell’s record regarding these matters is simply awful. In the last several years, almost every major discipline decision has been overturned. We can remember the New Orleans Saint’s bounty incident. Will Roger Goodell reduce Brady’s sentence? Will he stand firm and take him to court?

We shall find out soon, Goodell should render his decision regarding Tom Brady, possibly next week. Now the only question left is if Greg Hardy reduced suspension have any impact on quarterback Tom Brady’s appeal decision.

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