Is the Feud between Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose over?

Now that Jimmy Butler is $90 million dollars richer, after signing a five year deal with the Chicago Bulls, will he put to rest all the rumours about him and Derrick Rose? And what exactly are we talking about? What’s important is keeping the focus on the game and it is clear that these to players are going opposite ways. The best example would be game 6, elimination against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

While Buttler was in attack mode, Rose was in shutdown mode, and the battle of the Alpha male continues. So while Rose is not ready to pass the torch over, Butler is not conceding key shots to anyone and by anyone we mean Derrick Rose.

In the end it’s important to realize that these two players are not alone on the court and for the sake of their teammates, they should really learn how to benefit from each others quality rather that owning control of the game.

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