Will Jason Pierre-Paul amputated Finger cost him his career

Final verdict, defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul has amputated his finger on Wednesday. After various surgeries, he will remain hospitalized for a couple of days. Also suffering from fractures in his right thumb, the recovery period might take up to 6 weeks.

The decision came about when, consulting with his doctor, he was reassured that it would accelerate the healing thus being able to return to the field sooner than expected.

Pierre-Paul was not under contract with the New York Giants and it is now necessary to wait for the decision of the staff, since the deadline for signing a long term contract is July 15, 2015. It goes without saying that speculating will not give us an answer on whether the Giants will withdraw him or sign him.

It is fair to say that losing a finger, for a defensive end, is no small thing considering that his hands are his tools on the field, in this case we can really say that Jason Pierre-Paul’s future is in his hands.

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