DeAndre Jordan tweets apology to Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks

DeAndre Jordan will have waited 48 hours to express his version of the facts, and he chose Twitter to do it. He has posted about his contract extension, but he wanted to apologize to Mark Cuban which he considers one of the best owners in the world. And the Dallas Mavericks and their fans

Cuban responded to these two tweets recalling that the Clippers’ Center still had not called, unlike his mother with whom he was able to speak.

Jordan’s free agency “Saga” became one of the more bizarre storylines in NBA off-season history. The seven-year veteran initially dedicated to signing a four-year, $80 million maximum contract with the Dallas Mavericks after reportedly spending days deciding on whether to leave the Clippers. Free agents and teams could agree on terms of free-agent deals before July 9, but they could not be officially signed.

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