Louisa Necib is our Platini 2015. The heroine of a new strange defeat by legendary enemy. Because a France – Germany World Cup remains a Fran- Germany World Cup, male or female , the scenario is immutable.

France shines. France dominates . France is elegant . France is François I and Louis XIV , Renaissance and Baroque , but in the end it was Germany who won. We do not want to write it like this, it is, indeed, a disgusting cliché , but it is clear that the quarter-final on Friday , played in Montreal by the footballers of France and Navarre was an air of deja vu for the least surprising.

Another strange defeat , after a battle that France should have won ten, a hundred , a thousand times … But why so much hatred of the gods of football?

When Louisa Necib sublime score came about, we thought of Alain Giresse . When Celia Sasic equalized for Germany, we revisited Fischer. When Gaëtane missed the inevitable at the last second , we spoke of Manuel Amoros. When Sarah Bouhaddi was defeated on on all penalties, we dreaded Jean-Luc Ettori’s return. And when Claire Lavogez missed the last ahot at goal, we reminisced Maxime Bossis … Sorry … But we could not help thinking about it … The madeleine effect does not disconnect upon request.

Louisa Necib is the Platini of this superb game. Velvet foot eagle eye , it gives football a form of genuinely proud French nobility. Necib is an invitation to football. Her most predominant teammates such as, Fox, Thomis , or Delia Henry , say she inspires us. The metronome , the soul, We liked following her, throughout this competition. Necib is an artist, she turns on the light, without knowing why . From one minute to the next, she can conquer on action or totally miss the target. Thus, against Germany, she scored her goal when we had lost sight of her, on the ground for many minutes

At least Necib lost to Germany – France as Platini lost one in Seville in 1982. It is a defeat as we like it France, where like the sporting ideal associate the image of the vanquished defeat makes it more beautiful.

From this point of view, Louisiana Necib, Platini’s modern day symbol of what the 21st century will be the triumph of women’s football was the rendez-vous of history.

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