Jason Pierre-Paul is injured in an accident with fireworks

Defensive end for the New York Giants, Jason Pierre-Paul, suffered a hand injury in an accident with fireworks during United States National Day on the 4th of July this Saturday at his South Florida home.

Pierre-Paul met with doctors on Sunday to know the severity of his injury. According to that report several and American media , the injury is serious, but would not end his career.

He suffered burns in the palm of one hand and on the tips of three fingers. One of the fingers was tested for nerve damage. He’s not losing any fingers and doctors believe that there would be no permanent damage.

The 26 year old was a first-round draft pick of the Giants in 2010.

Jason Andrew Pierre-Paul nicknamed JPP, and JP-3 is an NFL defensive end for the New York Giants.  JPP is from Haitian descendants.

By Alain Montes

Alain Montes is from Montreal Canada he went to UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). He is our Editor for vegascoverage.com

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