Until July 1, the date of the opening of the free agency, USA Basketball invites you to its Top 10, player by player, the best in free agency 2015.

1. LeBron James:           30 years old – player option – 2 pts, 7.4 rebounds – 5.6 assists.

Is there really any doubt about the future of LeBron James? Unless in the event of a catastrophe, the King will stay in Cleveland. But LeBron James still puts pressure on its leaders by deciding to test the market. Remember that extends for one year, he will win 400,000 dollars more than expected.

2. Kawhi Leonard:        23 years old – restricted – 16.5 pts, 7.2 rebounds

Hard to imagine the Spurs player evolve under another jersey next year. The Texas Franchise will match all offers, and should offer a maximum contract to the best defender of the year in the coming days.

3. Draymond Green:    23 years old -restricted – 11.7 pts – 8.2 rebounds – 3.7 assists

He had an excellent season, excellent playoffs and he just became a champion, all went well for Draymond Green this year. The Warriors know they have a gem, and the franchise will match all other bids this summer. Although it will probably meet with the Rockets and Hawks, the player said he wanted to stay in the Bay next year.

4. DeMarre Carroll:     28 years old – free agent – 12.6 pts – 5.3 rebounds.

The Hawks would be willing to put $50 million over four years to keep his player. Although the price may seem excessive, it should persuade the player to stay in Georgia next year. But the Pistons also made him their priority this summer.

5. Tobias Harris:           22 years old – restricted – 17.1 pts – 6.3 rebounds

He is one of the best satisfactions of the Magic team. Very young, Tobias Harris was very productive. Enough to convince the franchise in Florida to give him a maximum contract? In any case it’s in the player’s hands. The Celtics and Lakers have expressed their interest.

6. Luol Deng:              30 years old – Player option – 14.0 pts – 5.2 rebounds

Defector from Chicago to (try to) bearing the departure of LeBron James, the Englishman was surprisingly fickle in Miami. Luol Deng can activate an additional year of contract with the Heat at 10 million, it should not deprive yourself.

7. Paul Pierce:            37 years old -unrestricted – 11.9 pts – 4.0 rebounds

The Man of the playoffs, and the matches that count. In Washington, Paul Pierce had a rather off season before shining at the final stages. It seems that he’ll be leaving the Wizards since he did not sign up for the extra year. A final campaign at the Clippers or a homecoming in Boston, anyway The Truth is he has not finished with the NBA.

8. Corey Brewer:         29 years old – Player option – 11.5 pts – 3.7 rebounds

In his role as 6th or 7th man, he is the author of a very good season with the Rockets, and was instrumental in the superb course of the Texas franchise. Former Gator once said he wanted to stay in Houston next year.

9. Jae Crowder:           24 years old – restricted – 7.7 pts – 3.6 rebounds

With Dallas and the Celtics, Jae Crowder convinced everyone with his force on the floor. Danny Ainge would like to see him stay in Boston since he used his “qualifying offer” on his pupil , making him a free agent “protected”. The player also said he wanted to extend his contract in Massachusetts.

10. Mike Dunleavy Jr.:      34 years old – unrestricted – 9.4 pts – 3.9 rebounds

Always brave despite his 34 seasons, he did what he could with the Bulls this season defending hard and getting his shots. Title holder with Windy City, he could lose that status if the franchise does not prolong him. Miami and Toronto would be in line to strengthen their bench.

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