The Grizzlies are ambitious, and they went in search of the famous outdoor shooting guard that is missing in their workforce. According to ESPN, They had found their target: Joe Johnson!

One imagines that the Nets were obviously open to a transfer since Johnson, 34 today, will cost them 24.9 million dollars in 2015,2016!

Except that to match such salary, Memphis had to loose several players, including at least a big salary and a major player. It is for this reason that the discussions were not successful. Ditto for the Hornets and Pistons who had also learned about Johnson.

For the leaders of the Nets is still evidence that Johnson’s rating remains high and that other opportunities will arise… Besides Johnson, another “JJ” is about to leave. This is Jarrett Jack.

This still allows Brooklyn to continue to believe. Johnson arrived in Brooklyn in a sign and trade from Atlanta in the summer of 2012 and the team’s priorities are now called Brook Lopez and Brook Lopez .

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