If and Reverse Bets

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This can be a combination of 2-8 Teams. All selections are made active if the first team wins, ties or cancels, you would then have a straight wager(s) on the remaining teams.

Raiders -7 wager $110 for $100
If win, tie or cancel
Texans +6 wager $220 for $200
Vikings -6 wager $55 for $50

The initial cost of the wager will be determined by the highest amount the play can lose. In this example the initial cost would be $275 because in the event the first team ties or cancels you would need enough funds to cover the next two wagers.REVERSE (Two Team Reverse)
This can be a combination of 2-8 Teams. An example of this type of wager is no more than a two team If Bet, but reverse it. If both teams win, you would receive 4/1 odds. If one loses and one wins you lose one bet completely and the juice on the other. If you bet more than a 2 team reverse, the same general rules apply.


A+B Side B+A Side
Denver -7  Miami +6
If Win, Tie or cancel To If Win, Tie or cancel To
Miami +6 Denver –7

Please note these bets are always full action “If top team wins, ties or cancels you have action on all remaining teams”.

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