How To Bet on NHL Hockey

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NHL Hockey Betting

You are welcome to join our betting section. Our target is to supply our customers a whole new betting experience as thrilling for the first-time gambler as it is for the seasoned veteran.

In the section below you will find more info on how to start your NHL betting season.

How to Bet in Hockey

This is one of the most fast paced sports in the world; it’s filled with excitement from the beginning to the end of each game. Wagers like moneyline betting, puck line betting and game total betting are very popular in Hockey. But you can find others like parlays, props, futures and more.

Keep on reading and learn more about the different types of wagers available. This guide will help you develop your own wagering strategy, and bring more excitement into your NHL games.

Moneyline Betting

Because it is so simple, this bet is very famous in all major team sports, you just have to bet on one event. In order to make this bet, all you need to do is pick the team you think will win the game. In moneyline wager the bettors team just needs to simply win the game outright for their bet to win. Keep in mind the favorite and the underdog have odds attached to them.

Puck Line Betting

This type of bet is especially popular among hockey fans. This bet is similar to point spread, this means underdogs have an advantage. But here the line is always +/- 1.5. This means when it comes to a hockey game, sportsbooks will alter the spread by adjusting the odds attached to each Canadian line.

Parlay Betting

This bet allows you to attach multiple individual bets in order to create a single bet. To win the whole parlay wager, all of the individual bets of the parlay must win.

This bet usually offers bettors a bigger payout than individual bets, because of the risk that comes with a parlay bet.

Keep in mind that higher risk could make for a higher reward.

Game Total Betting

Also known as over-under, with this type of bet, it’s not important which team wins the game. The point here is the total amount of points scored by both teams. A total amount of points will be set by oddsmakers for any given NHL game. Bettors will either wager the teams combine will score more points (over) or less points (under) than the number set by the oddsmakers.

Prop Betting

This wager has no direct link with the result or the final score of a single NHL game. These bets usually come in the form of player or team prop bets, this means it focuses more on the team and players’ performances.