Conor Mcgregor vs Nate Diaz 2, Sports Betting Lines, Las Vegas odds, Prediction, UFC 202 Welterweight Fight

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McGregor vs. Diaz II (8/20/16)
Matchup Las Vegas Odds
Conor McGregor -120
Nate Diaz +100
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Las Vegas will be again the location for arguably the most expected rematch in the history of UFC when Conor McGregor meets Nate Diaz this Saturday night. UFC 202, a welterweight fight will once more have them just less than six months after their last encounter when Diaz had his way.

McGregor was favorite by a large percentage as he was unbeaten before facing Diaz, and you may recall that Ragael dos Anjos dropped out of the UFC 196 leaving the way open for Diaz to take the challenge, albeit with just 11 days’ notice. The mark was then changed from 155 to 170 pounds, given Diaz the opportunity to fight one of the most recognizable figures in MMA.

The change from 145 to 170 pounds made almost impossible for McGregor to knock out Diaz, already used to fight at that weight. Just after one round Diaz was taking a beating that other featherweights would not been able to tolerate (or survive). But then in the second round McGregor’s energy seemed to have drained and was unable to put Diaz to a halt, he ended up tapping out to a choke and a tight grip. He –McGregor- definitely overestimated Diaz, and ended up paying the price for it.

He told GQ: “So he has some attributes that I have to be aware of that I didn’t give respect to the last time… I didn’t think he would be that tough. I overthrew my shots. I underestimated my opponent’s durability. And that was it. That confidence is not shook. I still feel I am the better fighter. I was winning most of the contest. I feel he got lucky. Now I will address that and correct it.”


We can tell that it was not only the size difference what set them apart, as Diaz one has a 2 inches reach advantage, but he has developed a tolerance to take punches from some top UFC fighters over the years, this was evident in UFC 196.

Diaz specialty is the down on the ground, he made McGregor tied and used his skills to choke his opponent and made him tap out. We may see this again in UFC 202 if McGregor can’t stay on his both feed, otherwise he will likely end up losing again.

Now that Diaz has had the opportunity of a real life experience with McGregor and had the proper time to train for this fight, he is in a better position to win again, repeating his March stunt.

All things aside McGregor has claimed to remain confident, wary of the challenge that Diaz represents. This time he will not be taken off-guard as this fight is expected to last longer.

To some McGregor is a big star due to his very well-known talking –as in trashing- skills in MMA, but he has also conquered the 145 pounder category by knocking out everybody that he was put up against, including the famous Jose Aldo, no doubt the Irish star is a suitable match for Diaz and all things considered it is difficult to predict the outcome of this fight.

This match can swing either way, both champions have pretty much the same betting odds, a MMA war is coming to Las Vegas.

Vegas Coverage Prediction: Technical Knockout for McGregor on the 3rd round.