Euro 2016 Semi-final Betting Odds, This Time France is not the Underdog against Germany

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07/07 3:00 PM
26253 France
26254 Germany
26255 Draw
26256 Total
UEFA EURO FRANCE 2016 – Semifinals – Thursday, July 7th

Gernot Rohr is a figure of the Franco- German football. He began his career in Germany, Bayern Munich, Mannheim and Offenbach before joining Girondins Bordeaux. He will play more than 400 games. Coming from a family of footballers – his father led a team of inmates in the camp of Bruay -en -Artois after the Liberation and his uncle was German international – it proves especially as coach. There remain six years at the helm of Bordeaux , where he launches into the deep end players like Zidane and Dugarry . He continued his career in France , in Nice, Ajaccio or Nantes, before taking the head of the selections Gabon , Niger and Burkina Faso.

This is the first time that Germany and France compete for a match knockout of the Euro, but the fourth spot in the World Cups. France has won in 1958. Is it written that the Blues have to lose?
Not at all ! France has not won since 1958, that’s true, but all the series to an end. Germany also saw Italy as his nemesis, but ended up winning in the quarterfinals. In friendly matches, France has often prevailed, but it is true that when the result counts Germans stick together. They know remain united together in this kind of game. There is no revenge to take on 1982 and 1986. This is not the same generation, who lived in the legacy of the war between the two countries. And who among the players of both teams remembers episodes of 1982 and 1986? I think very little. The only constant is the mental quality of the Germans. But for the rest, we can say that these are the two best opponents in the world today. After the attacks of 13 November, the two teams have shared this moment together in respect. It’s also proof that there is a good understanding between the two nations.

No rivalry between the two teams, so?
No, because since 1982 or 1986, football has changed a lot. The change was enormous. We popped the individual marking to zonal marking. The athleticism became paramount, it plays short with lots of combinations. This is another football than in those years. Above all, the German arrogance disappeared. Jürgen Klinsmann and Joachim Low, the last two coaches have instilled a different mindset to their teams. The Germans are confident, but not arrogant, unlike there twenty years. It changes everything.
Many say that Germany, after an air pocket, imitated the French model and is reaping the benefits today, including training. After their rivalry, the two teams they are very similar in their construction and their state of mind?
After the failure of the 1966 World Cup, France is in question. It has developed a model of high performance training centers. The formula has been imitated by many countries, including Germany. Bundesliga [German championship], training centers have been made mandatory for all professional clubs from 2002.
Today, since 2006 and about the organization of the World Cup, the results came, in particular by duplicating what good was the French football. They heard me on that (laughs). German football is also open to different cultures, with a result of the diversity generation that entered the Mannschaft. In this, the two teams are very similar.

With the absences of Hummels Khedira and Gomez, France faces Germany at the best time?
For sure these absences will weigh. The backbone, spine, will not be there. The replacements have a different profile. Gomez may be replaced by Götze. Müller could evolve in line, it will be something else. Hummels will be replaced by Höwedes or Mustafi, these are very different players. The performance of substitutes is not the same as that of the incumbents. Since 2014, Lahm, the captain, and Klose, often leading scorer in international competitions, were not truly replaced.

Didier Deschamps called the Mannschaft “best team in the world.” Do you agree with that?

They were world champions in 2014. There, they were the best, this is indisputable. And the Germans are specialists semifinals, especially against the host country competitions. That said, I think the Mannschaft is poorer and more disabled than in 2014. But the players still believe. The team is united and united.
France has, however, improved. His forward line is very powerful, very confident. They still put 5 goals in the quarterfinals. But the German defensive sector is their strong point, despite the absences. The French will not get to put as many goals as Neuer against Iceland. Both teams will have to rely on their strong areas. France is once again a great team, and is able to reach the final.
Listening to you, one could almost believe that France is the favorite in this match …

If I had to make a prediction, I would say that France has 51% chance of winning, given the absences and the confidence they have stored against Iceland. France is not outsider against Germany, in my opinion. When you play the world champion and there is a final to win at home, you can not be outsider. This match may be the best of the competition, especially with the atmosphere there will be at the Stade Velodrome,.
Clement Brault.

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