NCAA March Madness, Betting on the 2016 Final Four is Considered as an Investment

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The 2016 Final Four is right around the corner (Next Saturday April 2nd), this year over $9 Billions are expected to be wagered (Final Four and the NCAA Tournament combine) by over 40 million basketball fans, which represents about 3 times more than what was bet at the Super Bowl, these are staggering statistics from the American Gaming Association.

Coincidentally, or maybe just because of such a betting spree, March is the “Problem Gambling Awareness Month”. Troublesome from some but incredibly fun for others, the truth is that sports betting is a common practice and a legendary tradition for Americans, who bet informally in events such as office pools to the Final Four.

Perhaps many consider, and on good grounds, that gambling is somewhat similar to investing, as both affairs are related to odds. Coincidentally the “Monte Carlo” simulations are not exclusive to sports gambling as financial advisors and investment analysts use it often.

Bettors and financial investors as well seem to address incorrectly the concept of risk, many do not seem to realize that risky investments do not necessarily mean a higher return. It is often said that if risky investments were truly proven to provide higher returns then, conversely they would not be risky.

After we consider the fact that many risky moves have low, or modest at best, returns, we are left with the question of why the public tends to link risky investment with high payouts. Take for example betting on a NCAA basketball bracket, or a bet on blackjack or roulette, we don’t expect them to provide a great return, breaking even is more common and satisfying at times.

Experienced investors often bring up the subject of diversification across varied categories, this is a strategy known as minimizing risk by diversifying your investment across several different investments, if one of them should fall on its back you will not lose all of your investment. Betting on sports is different in this regard, there is very few that can be done to manage risk like that, mitigation strategies are not common, for example, if you lay $20 on a Final Four bet and it does not win, you will lose all your investment. This is probably the main difference between sports or casino gambling and other types of investing.

Consider the case of life insurance; here you are betting against life expectancy, it comes down to odds too. Life insurance policies are based on factors such as the requestor’s age, weight, gender and medical history, they try to create a chart that can predict how long you might live. When you consider what time in your life you begin to start collecting Social Security (at say 70, 66 or 62 years old), you are taking in to account the odds of how long you think you will live to actually use such benefit.

Betting is by no means something new to you, your financial decisions behave in a similar way, hopefully you are doing your homework when it comes to such bets, but even so they are still bets. A sure thing –part of the game- is that now and then your decisions do not turned out as planed and things will go wrong, this is why you have to minimize risk, diversify and keep costs low. Follow these guidelines and you are likely to improve your retirement plan, one that you can certainly enjoy while you still can.

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Final Four 2016 Matchups

Villanova Wildcats VS. Oklahoma Sooners, Vegas Sports Betting Preview
Team Spread Total
VILLANOVA -2 -115 145.5 -110
OKLAHOMA +2 -105 145.5 -110
 6:05 pm ET vegas-bet_now vegas_picks_red vegas-bet_now vegas_picks_red

Syracuse Orange VS. North Carolina Tar Heels, Vegas Sports betting Preview

Team Spread Total
SYRACUSE +9.5 -105 145 -110
NORTH CAROLINA -9.5 -115 145 -110
 8:45 pm ET vegas-bet_now vegas_picks_red vegas-bet_now vegas_picks_red