2016 March Madness Sports Betting Guide and Gambling Odds

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Something intrinsic in NCAA is how fast things are likely to change. Take as an example Kentucky’s performance last year, they appeared to be unbeatable in spite of all the great rivals that came at them, they were considered superstars and future NBA stars, but this year things have changed.

Now that we are getting our betting heads around March Madness we have to keep in mind that at college level talent is a relative thing. In the AP top 25 poll of 2016 are UNC, Oklahoma, Michigan State, Kansas and Villanova, they are still in the top end of that poll, are we to say that college basketball has become a parity sport?

We don’t think so, rather, it is simpler to assume that the teams in this college basketball season are just not as good as they were a few years ago. During last season (week 17 to be more precise), there were 8 top teams that had lost less than three games, this season there are none like that.

This provides a new panorama where the playing field is levelled to the point where we are tempted to aim for longshots. Even the best teams could lose against underdog schools. However, the fact that this is somewhat a down year is not a reason to swing for the fences.

Recall that over the last decade 4.3 has been the average ranking of a championship team (in the postseason AP Top-25 poll). This ranking includes #1 teams Kentucky (2012) and Florida (2006), alongside with the UConn Huskies ranked in the 18th place in 2014, which is the second lowest ranked team to win a championship back in 2011.

Even if there is this frenzy about some of the low-hanging teams in this championship, it is not easy to stay far away from the ones considered legitimate contenders. One feels like going nuts when a team like Wichita State or Florida International goes awry.  But in the end that is precisely what the betting spreads are for during March Madness.

Different bets are the futures and the long-term props.


Long odds may not be that great bests, but they account for great payouts.

#25 California Bears (+3300 to win NCAAB Championship) according to Bovada

When it comes to The Bears it is worth mentioning that their initial odds to win the title have jumped from +2500 + 3300, they have a real chance at increasing the rankings by the end of the year. Considering that what is left to know about them ?

In the upcoming draft they will have two top ranked prospects, both are at the best of their level, one being Jaylen Brown, known to be an excellent swingman that can penetrate the court seemingly at will, then there is Ivan Rabb, a dominant athlete constantly moving forward.

I personally like them paired, if you have some spare change laying around I think is a good bet at +3300, not something I would call “great” but this is why it is called longshots.

#19 Baylor Bears (+10000 to win NCAAB Championship) as reported by Mybookie

This year Baylor’s length is just as tempting as last one, this feature is one of the main reasons why people love them so much, especially when they are considered one of the best rebounding teams, which can also be seen as a by-product of their not so good perimeter shooting, be cautious of this caveat, odds of this kind are not likely to pay out.

#18 Arizona Wildcats (+2200 to win NCAAB Championship) as stated by Betonline

Arizona is expected to generate some buzz (a reflection of this 2015-2016 crazy year), due to their thrilling scoring, as usual. They have gone to the Sweet 16 or the Elite 8 in the past 5 seasons, this year however, they don’t seem to be one of the best teams in the country. At this point they need a remarkable run of wins, something that is not evident yet.

#13 Utah Utes (+6600 to win NCAAB Championship) according to Bovada

Utah is probably all about their star Jakob Poetl, but much is to be desired aside from that. Their defense perimeter is soft, but it gets balanced out by their decent amount of points. Spread bettors are turning their attention to them due to the recent 7-3 ATS and 8-2 SU, they keep leaning on Utah in the tournament (even on game-by-game fashion), but most don’t follow them when it comes to futures wagers.


They are good shots for spread bets rather than long term planning.

#22 Kentucky Wildcats (+900 to win NCAAB Championship) as reported by Mybookie

Few teams are as good candidates in the futures market than The Wildcats, even though they do not appeal much to the public. Their guard star Jamal Murray, who recently has brought up the heat by scoring 26.4 during a 5-3 ATS and 6-2 Su run, is sadly pretty much alone in his team.

John Calipari is well known as one of the top recruiters in the country, but this past year he did not get his hands on a lot of new freshman talent, The Wildcats do not appear to be a super deep team this championship. This is expected when you are high turnover program like Kentucky. My advice is to stay away from them during March Madness betting, you could substitute with the SEC rival South Carolina, especially when it comes to spread busting in earlier rounds, and do not forget The Gamecocks and their superb 18-8 ATS in 2016.

#12 Indiana Hoosiers (+3300 to win NCAAB Championship) as stated by Betonline

I have mixed feelings for the Indiana Hoosiers, I hate the way they play defense, but I do like the way they can pile up points. They give up a 44.2% from the field, and I hate when any team allow more than 41%. Something that stands out is their -19 point stinker against The Spartans. And even though beating up a Big-10 team is noted, going against the best in the country is not going to be easy for a team that has a week defense.

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