Odds for the UFC 196, McGregor comes as a strong favorite against Diaz

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Odds for the UFC 196, McGregor comes as a strong favorite against Diaz

Odds for the UFC 196, McGregor comes as a strong favorite against Diaz

Odds for the UFC 196: McGregor comes as a strong favorite against Diaz

Even though there are no belts to be won, the hype surrounding the UFC 196 where Conor McGregor faces Nate Diaz is all over the media. This is not surprising considering this clash is between two of the most outspoken bad mouthers the UFC has shown us, no wonder the UFC 196 odds are bigger than when a fight against champions is on.

Bovada had his UFC odds set showing McGregor as a sure favorite at -400, on the other hand Nate Diaz came in as a close 3-to-1 underdog at +300. Action started as soon as the Irishman was posted on the board at -390 on early Thursday.

Oddsmakers are facing the challenge to determine the shape of Diaz, a Stockton native, as he got just 11 days’ notice prior to this match, regardless of that this will be a welterweight round, which spares Nate Diaz a massive weight reduction to 155 pounds. No matter how much training he undergoes there is no doubt he will still be a tremendous underdog.

McGregor a the UFC Favorite

Diaz is a great opponent, well known for his compelling boxing skills, but despite of it there are some clear flaws in is act that can be used against him. One of them, and probably the most noticeable, is his lack of protection when it comes to his main leg, he constantly sends all his weight on it and seldom checks kicks. Many other fighters do a similar thing to the point of turning their right leg into a façade of purple shades. McGregor will use his almost endless  stock of quick kicks, likely this time won’t be the exception to that.

The second point is that Diaz can take punches, he depends more on stamina and endurance to wear down his opponent, than on his athletic skills or speed, this, however, can be his week spot when facing a challenger when tremendous power. Recall how McGregor knocked out Jose Aldo, who had never been taken down that way, and he did so in merely 13 seconds. At this moment in UFC there is probably no other weapon as dangerous as Mac’s left cross.

Keep in mind that UFC betting lines do not depend solely on what oddsmakers think or who they consider a winner, their odds are determined thinking about their business, attempting to balance the wagers on both fighters, it’s about planning for coverage and taking as little risk as possible. McGregor’s popularity and its solid fan base will make him more expensive, whilst the sportsbook will assign higher payouts to Diaz.

Different fighting personalities

Sadly we got just about one week of promotion for this UFC match, we regret this as we are talking about two of the uttermost shining stars in this sports. McGregor’s opposition has attempted to overlook him and ignore his mind games.

We all remember how Nate knocked off Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone’s hat during a staredown, and the incident were Nick Diaz showed his middle finger to Frank Shamrock during a weigh-in.  His older brother went to the hospital were Joe Riggs was taken after a fight with him, to continue for another round inside the ER, both showcased a post-fight with Jason Miller live on CBS. And the list of this sort of  incidents goes on.

Perhaps it’s for the best that there’s no world tour between the two, like there was with McGregor and Aldo. Putting Conor and Nate in the same room over and over again wouldn’t be just playing with fire, it would be like playing with fire in a room filled with every explosive imaginable. We’d probably never even get to the fight. Let’s just be thankful this is happening in less than two weeks.

Let us thank the universe that there is no world tour of this two rivals (like there was with McGregor/Aldo). Having them in the same room time and time again is like having two ticking massive bombs ready to go off, waiting one on the other the push the right button, sooner or later there may not even be a fight. Luckily for us we have to wait less than two weeks.

UFC 196 Women odds: Holly Holm‘s first title defense against Miesha Tate (not Ronda Rousey)

Do not forget the superb opening act, featuring no other than the woman who destroyed MMA titan Ronda Rousey in two rounds: Holly Holm. This UFC 196 she is putting her title belt on the line against Miesha Tate. Holm betting odds are now at -370 favorite, the underdog Tate is at +305 at Bovada