Barnes didn’t expect his altercation with fisher to reach the NBA

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Matt Barnes disagrees with New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher way of managing the consequences of their altercation.

Barnes said Monday, “We’re two grown men who should have handled two grown men’s business, but he wanted to run and tell the cops and the NBA.”

Last month in Los Angeles fisher and Barnes found themselves involved in a physical altercation in a party celebrated at Barnes’ ex-wife home.

The NBA started an investigation about the incident, but hasn’t ruled if the two people involved will be punished.

Fisher said he spoke with team president Phil Jackson about the situation, but mostly avoids the subject.

Barnes explained his sons were uncomfortable with another man present at his ex-wife, Gloria Govan home, so the player decided to drive and see what was going on. After this the situation got out of hands, but Barnes declined to give more information because of potential litigation.

According to Lt. Joe Hoffman of the Redondo Beach Police Department, no charges would be filed.

Fisher and Barnes played together from 2010 to 2012 with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Monday the Memphis Grizzlies will face the Los Angeles Clippers in Los Angeles.

“With me, you never know,” Barnes said. “There’s a handful of people who love me and a handful of people who hate me. And there’s a handful of people who want to chant ‘Derek Fisher,’ so it will be interesting.”

Barnes knows the altercation could lead to legal ramifications, and also a distraction to the team.

“In terms of distraction and how players feel about distraction, et cetera, we’ll see how it goes for our team,” the second-year coach said. “It’s unfortunate. But it is what it is at this point.”

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