Ray Rice is raising awareness of domestic violence

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Ray Rice’s story did not end like Greg Hardy’s. Since the player was arrested for domestic violence, he hasn’t played in the NFL. But the player would like to work for the league, if he doesn’t get a second chance to play, by raising awareness about this issue.

The former Baltimore Ravens three-time Pro Bowl player hasn’t played in the league, after a video showing him hitting his then-fiancée Janay Palmer emerged in September 2014.

“I totally understand what my visual did and the effect it had on society and the survivors of domestic violence,” Rice said. “So, for me, to never be forgiven … I understand those things, and I totally take full responsibility for my actions. The one thing I can say is … I have made a lifelong decision to raising awareness about this.

“I used to have a situation where kids were like, ‘I wanna be like Ray Rice.’ And now I have to think about kids and parents saying, ‘I don’t want you to be like Ray Rice.’ And that haunts me.”

Rice’s comments about this issue came after photos of Hardy’s former girlfriend showing multiple bruises were leaked to the public.

Hardy used twitter to make comments related to the photos and to express regret for what he did.

After completing the pretrial intervention program, Rice’s domestic violence charges were dismissed in May, but at this point, chances of returning to the NFL have decreased, since the season is almost halfway and the player has not received an official tryout yet.

Eric Winston the NFL Players Association president said, “It makes you wonder,” Winston said of Rice. “I definitely wonder how a guy that’s had the career he’s had can’t even get a tryout.

“I definitely think there’s been some sort of effort to not have him in the league. That’s unfortunate. If there was a guy who could take a message out there, that could take a message to a locker room, it seems that Ray Rice would be a kind of guy that could do that.”

Rice will continue training in case he receives that long-awaited opportunity to be on the field again and according to him, he has been talking to young players about this issue and he would like “to do something with the NFL” to help spread that message.

“I honestly would hope so,” Rice said. “I think the NFL has such a huge platform and I’ve seen the platform I had when I was playing, when I would go out and help people. I go out now, and I don’t have an NFL platform, but I’m going out there and helping people out. So if I never played a down again, why not see if I could use their platform to go out there and help make a difference.

“Young rookies, anybody in college … I want to be able to spread all of my experiences to help other people, to make them understand that domestic violence is not OK, not even one time.”


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