“Playing that’s the more important thing” says Sasha Kaun who wants to Join the Cavaliers

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“That’s probably something that shouldn’t be a problem,” he said. “Hopefully coming to this team, it will give us an opportunity to win, and winning is more important to me than money. I don’t think I want to do it (play basketball) because of the money. Just play basketball and enjoy it and play with some really great players. That’s the more important thing.”

And that is what Russian center Alexander Sasha Kaun had to say about joining the Cleaveland Cavaliers as he was invited over the weekend in Las Vegas by team personnel and general manager David Griffin.

The Cav’s are far from being able to provide the kind of salary Kaun deserves, more so after the $70 million salary cap plus the luxury tax line, but David Griffin is more than aware of the situation.

“It’s difficult because he’s coming off making an incredibly large amount of money and he is literally a first-team, all Euroleague caliber center, and it’s a difficult proposition to come to a team like ours for the type of money we have to offer,” Griffin said.

If we start breaking down the Cavaliers’s budget, we can better understand why there is so little money left for Kaun, first we have the $13 million for Kevin Love, $4.95 million for Timofey Mozgov, over one year, between 80 to 90 million for Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao with $30 million over 3 years.

But in the end Kaun has his heart set on the Cavaliers.

“My interest level is very high,” Kaun said. “I definitely would like to play here, especially with the Cavs, you know, a team that’s got a chance to win a championship.”

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