In full rehabilitation, Kyrie Irving had not exactly spend his summer the way he dreamed about. He is returning, almost in shape, for the 1st final game, although he would of rather have spent his summer by the pool holding the trophy, instead of working is butt off trying to heal is injured knee.

“It was hard. It is the most difficult thing which I had to live. Because I had made all the necessary efforts to be ready to play these playoffs. I had ups and downs during the regular season, including the playoffs, but I felt ready and well prepared to compete for the final. Unfortunately, I injured myself and I really wish it to nobody. However, I trusted the team. We did not manage to win but that is going to serve us as motivation for the next season.”

With Kevin Love who decided to stay in Ohio, the Cleveland Cavaliers will be one of the favourites for the title. Around King James, the small soldiers lined up in battle are ready to attack in the next season. As for Kyrie, he as a lot of work ahead.

“I am the voice of reason in the team. I told Kevin to do what is best for him and his family hoping that he’d return to win the title with us. And that’s what he did.”

In fact, LeBron James presence was sufficient as it was to revive the Cavaliers in just one season and change their destiny and Kyrie Irving’s too.

“Having known a difficult career beginning, when we lost a lot, it is even more appreciated to play with a guy like LeBron. To play against the best players at top-level, it is what we all dream about. It’s just to bad we were not a complete team in the finals … Honestly, I think that we would have won the title if we didn’t have so many wounded players.”

“My self confidence will always be high, we can always say that we think we belong to such or such level but it’s useless. I think that it is better to let the victories speak for themselves. I am very aware that I still have long way to go. I’m going to continue to work hard.”

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