We have not seen such a disastrous beginning in the Major League Baseball history as we did for pitcher Jon Lester of the Chicago Cubs, who entered Monday’s game against the St. Louis Cardinals 0 for 66 or 0 for 71 if you include the postseason.

This 31 year old player puts an end at a ten year long spell in his first at bat on Monday night, averaging a .015 instead of a .000 record, earning himself a standing ovation from the crowd, and although the ball never made it out of the infield grass it didn’t matter, it was a hit, after all.

It’s a fact, Lester will never be in a position to challenge Pete Rose and his 4,256 record, but now, at least, he can say that he has a hit in the big leagues.

And if you are looking for a little more action, it all seems to indicate that Chad Bettis, Rockies of Colorado, will be the one to provide it.

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