1. Jahlil Okafor

Chosen in 3rd position during the last draft, Jahlil Okafor is going to make his grand débuts in his new Sixers jersey. Duke’s center didn’t play the slightest match since April and there will be some excitement to see the first steps of this incredible center with the Philadelphia 76ers.

2. Jerami Grant

Author of a rookie season with 6 points and 3 rebounds, the son of Harvey Grant has already drawn attention last in Philly. Magnificent athlete, he again has to readjust his game by limiting his lost balls and by favouring a better selection of throws. With Okafor by his side, the Sixers presents a ball of muscles for the summer league.

3. Dante Exum

The small Australian miracle had a loaded summer. he applied the Jazz method, which is to work ardently on the fundamental during the inter season. The leader of the Jazz will be one big attractions of the summer league, to see how he worked on his outside shooting and his defense.

4. Trey Lyles

This young power forward/small forward hardly stepped out of Kentucky. He is a great athlete and his shooting mechanism is impressive but he will need some time to adapt himself to the NBA. This summer league should help him in this direction. Only 19 years old, the Saskatoon native still has time in front of him. It remains to be seen whether he will suit up since the contract still as issues!

5. Nick Wiggins

Just like Trey Lyles, he’s Canadian, but he’s already well known on the NBA scene due to his famous younger brother, Andrew. Nick is actually going to try to find a place in a roster with the Jazz. Taken out of Wichita State in 2014, Nick Wiggins hasn’t been drafted and he navigated between Germany and D-League this season. Only 24, he also as big athletic qualities.

6. RJ Hunter

With the Warriors final victory, the Celtics are scrambling to find tomorrow’s next best shooter, but they are betting on RJ Hunter. The Georgia State sniper had a great season in the NCAA, with his, already legendary ‘shoot to win’ that threw his father of his chair during March Madness, it’s going to be interesting to see his transition.

7.Colton Iverson

Drafted in 2013 by the Indiana Pacers, Colton Iverson has not yet competed for the in NBA but nonetheless has been around. This 7 feet tall gem actually played two professional seasons in Europe, one in Besiktas in Turkey and in Vitoria in Spain.

8. Marcus Smart

Pour sa deuxième apparition en ligue d’été, on va attendre beaucoup de maturité de la part de Marcus Smart. L’ancien Cowboy d’Oklahoma State a réalisé une première campagne somme toute assez convaincante avec les C’s et cette deuxième aventure estivale doit simplement lui donner l’occasion, grandeur nature, de démontrer sa progression dans la gestion du jeu notamment.

9. Kyle Anderson

As for Marcus Smart, Kyle Anderson will be present in summer league to play the role of the mentor. he should shine thanks to his capacity to score. Slow starter but aggressive in offense, the Spurs tradition is to have their young rookies prove themselves first in D-league and than in summer league. Kyle Anderson is on his way.

10. Livio Jean-Charles

And we hope that Livio Jean-Charles is also going to follow this trajectory! The young power forward will have is first NBA experience in Salt Lake City accompanied by his coach JD Jackson. Recovering from a bad knee injury, he wants to show what he’s made of on the court.

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