Manu Ginobili has not made any decisions in regard to his future team, he plans to announce his decision in ‘La Nacion’, the Argentinian news paper, but time is of the essence for the San Antonio Spurs who are determined to sign him for one more season.

It is a tremendous financial gymnastic for any team while the doors are open for players and teams to officially agree to contracts, but players can’t officially sign contracts until July 9th 2015. San Antonio Spurs in no different, having to juggle new contract for Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard and LaMarcus Aldridge while remaining under the salary cap.

Considering that the veterans total salary amount is over $26 million, it makes it absolutely unfeasible to sign LeMarcus Aldridge. In other words Duncan and Ginobili would undergo major pay cuts to make this happen thus having to sign their deals before Aldridge ‘officialy agrees.’ The Spurs will find themselves with no other alternative than to abandon its rights to free up space if Manu doesn’t decide soon leaving him in a compromising position of taking a veteran’s minimum contract.

Manu Ginobili confirms that he’s staying with San Antonio Spurs from his twitter account.

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