Tobias Harris only 22 years old also considered one of the most promising players as a small forward, has reached an agreement with the Orlando Magic for a 4 year extension.

Despite his young age, he seems to already be a pillar for the Orlando Magic team, with whom he has just completed his best season since the start of his career with 17.1 points 6.3 rebounds in 34.8 also increasing of 11% from last season with 36.1% of his 3-point attempts.

Several franchises, including the Los Angeles Lakers, the Detroit Pistons and the Boston Celtics, had shown interest in the player. Next season he will evolve under the command of a new coach, Scott Skiles, which he already knows from Milwaukee in the 2011-2013.

As a first round draft, picked in 2011, this Tennessee young talent manifested himself an NBA top of the line small forwards.

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