It’s been 4 days and still no news about the deal between the Dallas Cowboys and Dez Bryant. Now we all know that there is a basic disagreement in the accord between the two of them or is there? Rumors have fluted around this issue for a while but the truth of the matter is, there is no deal yet.

Some are quick to say that it’s all about to go down on Monday and that Bryant finally will agree to the terms of the Cowboys and yet to many hints of a looming deal are causing curiosity thus leaving us with uncertainty.

In reality Bryant is no longer interested in the $12.8 million in 2015, he wants a long term deal so he talked about missing a few games during the regular season and here’s the big mystery, Dallas thinks he’s bluffing and so on and so on…

Bottom line is, Bryant is still a franchise quarterback with no leverage, so either he accepts the franchise player deal of about $13,000 million or he signs a long term deal by July 15, which is the deadline for long term deals.

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