Chandler, Wright, Pierce, Afflalo, Johnson These players have found their destination the first day of Free Agency.  Here’s an update on decisions announcing who’s leaving since Wednesday evening.

Tyson Chandler:
Very nice shot of Phoenix Suns, which agreed with Tyson Chandler for a four-year contract and $52 million, he can formally sign on July 9th. First, because the centers are the most sought after players, and Chandler is one of the best defenders in the NBA.

Then because his mobility matches the Suns game. This signature is one more argument for the Suns in their attempted seduce LaMarcus Aldridge, who wants to move next to a defensive center. Phoenix is ??now one of the co-favorite to draw him in with San Antonio.

Brandon Wright: The immediate consequence of Chandler’s decision is Brandan Wright, whose profile is similar and his leaving the Phoenix Suns for the Memphis Grizzlies, where he will be replacing the best duo of power forward in the league, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Wright should commit to $18 million over three years. Paul Pierce: Paul Pierce will continue his career in his home town of Los Angeles, with Doc Rivers, his former coach in Boston, with whom he was titled in 2008. He will sign with the Lakers for three years and $10 million thus replacing Matt Barnes.

Arron Afflalo:
The small forward/shooting guard Arron Afflalo, who turned to 18.2 points average in 2013-2014, is going from West to East and joins the New York Knicks for two years and $16 million after a difficult season.

Amir Johnson: Toronto loses his power forward, Amir Johnson, who played in Canada since 2009. He’s expected to join the Boston Celtics for two years and $24 million, where he would be the fifth power forward after Olynyk Sullinger and Zeller. On Wednesday, the Celtics were also close to an agreement to keep Jae Crowder with 5 years at $35 million, and Jonas Jerebko with 2 years at $10 million.

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