The Opening is ready for July 5-10 at Nike’s reality central station in Beaverton, Oregon, where several top prospects from the 2016 selecting class will go up against each other in different drills.

A significant number of players in plain view have officially entrusted to colleges for this following year, yet a decent number are still undecided and are trusting that they will find there niche at The Opening thus pushing them toward there best fit. Really, it benefits everyone, as almost the majority of the top programs in the country will be keeping a close eye on some players, particularly those whom they’ve focused on for the future yet still have to commit.

Here is an idea of what to expect:

Parker Boudreaux – OG – Height, weight: 6’4″, 287 lbs – Ranking: 335th

An Interior blocker such as Boudreaux is definitely a must although the Tigers already have two tackles. As we remember, the offensive line was a critical area for Clemson this year and it seems to be the same next year. Clemson and Notre Dame are both seeking this young player but Bourdeaux seems to have made is choice. He says that Clemson has a more friendly approach with a family atmosphere thus making it feel like home.

Obi Eboh – CB – Height, weight: 6’1 ½”, 184 lbs – Ranking: 401st

Eboh is the kind of player who would solidify the Iowa Hawkeyes‘ ranking but this young defensive back has quite a few eyes on him, such as, Arkansas, Duke, Baylor…. but if he chooses to go with Iowa he’ll be ranked top commit.

Devin White – ATH – Height, weight: 6’0 ½”, 235 lbs – Ranking: 87th

This Linebacker and running back from Louisiana has quite a reputation, 30 touchdowns, ran for 2,287 yards last season, rated No 7 athlete for 2016. We seem to forecast him more as an offensive than a defensive but than again he is quite versatile. White as apparently made is choice though he wants to be absolutely sure before any commitments.

Nigel Knott – CB – Height, weight: 5’11”, 175 lbs – Ranking: 72nd

Well, what can we say about a young athlete who can backfip off the side of a wall while catching a ball, no wonder his athleticism and hands are the talk of so many major programs.
Knott as changed is plans, first wanting to commit during The Opening, now he wants to be closer to home surrounded by friends and family therefore visiting Oregon at the end of The Opening.

Kyle Davis – WR – Height, weight: 6’3″, 211 lbs – Ranking: 51st

Considered No 5 receiver prospect nation wide, Tennessee will probably use the help of QB Jarrett Guarantano to help convince Davis to join him and wear orange in 2016. If Tennessee can win Davis over, it’ll trump is wide receiver search not only due to kyle’s talent but definitely for his size.

David Long, CB – Height, weight: 6’0″, 175 lbs – Ranking: 66th

The Cardinal wanting to build depth on the back line would be happy to have Long joining it’s two other commitments in 2016. But as far as David Long is concern he’s still unsure of is choice and as in mind Duke, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA, Notre Dame, USC, Wisconsin, Stanford, Washington.

Dillon Sterling-Cole – QB – Height, weight: 6’2 ½”, 183 lbs – Ranking: 218th

This quarterback is one of the top remaining uncommitted of is class also known as the 9th best pro style passer. In his final 8 you will find Arizona State, Houston, Boise State, Texas A&M, Washington, Mississippi state, UCLA and Florida but he can just go for Texas A&M since his father Chris Cole played wide receiver.

Brandon Jones, S – Height, weight: 5’11”, 183 lbs – Ranking: 21st

Jones already as 37 offers waiting for him and yes the Baylor Bears have a priority in stopping passes thus seeking a big prospect just like Jones.  Number one prospect of is class, 4th best player in Texas, it seems that Brandon’s interest in Baylor as increased and it is also the last college he visited during the spring.

Nate Craig-Myers – WR – Height, weight: 6’2″, 205 lbs – Ranking: 12th

Not long ago Craig-Myers was an Auburn commit bur recently he re-opened his recruitment thus landing offers from other schools, increasing his total to 47. There’s an immediate opening for Nate among the Auburn due to D’haquille Williams heading in his senior year. Known as a big-bodied receiver, Nate would fit in well with QB Jeremy Johnson but odds are that Florida state as more of a chance in winning Craig-Myers including the fact that his cousin, Jacob Pugh, is a sophomore linebacker there.

Jonathan Jones – LB – Height, weight: 6’2″, 225 lbs – Ranking: 409th

Jonathan Jones already has 28 offers but it’s Kentucky who, although almost completed it’s recruiting with 18 commitments, is most interested in him. Among the offers we find Notre Dame, Michigan, Stanford although he recently spent a few days with the Michigan Wolverines.

Terrance Davis – OG – Height, weight: 6’4″, 305 lbs – Ranking: 77th

2nd ranked guard nation wide, Terrance already received 18 offers such as Alabama, Maryland, Florida, , Michigan and Georgia. Receiving is offer from Duke in April, chances are that Michigan and Maryland have a better chance at his commitment.

Tyrie Cleveland – WR – Height, weight: 6’2.5″, 189 lbs – Ranking: 97th

As of April, Tyrie Cleveland is no longer committed to Texas A&M. This young prospect as 13 touchdowns and 53 receptions for 1,105 yards for Westfield High School last year.  In his final 10 we find Oklahoma, Alabama, Houston, Arizona state A&M and Houston but it’s TCU’s rapid rise who, in grabbing Cleveland away from other schools, would ultimately boost their ranking.

Caleb Kelly – LB – Height, weight: 6’3″, 215 lbs – Ranking: 18th

This young prospect has the athleticism to be a wide receiver or lining up at safety or even a number of other skill positions, No 2 outside linebacker and top rated player from California he as offers from everywhere around the country. Within his choices we find Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Alabama although UCLA would love to keep Kelly in the state.

Deontay Anderson – S – Height, weight: 6’1″, 192 lbs – Ranking: 46th

With two interceptions and scoring touchdowns on both punt returns and interception, last year, this No 3 safety prospect has already 43 offers but it is Texas A&M who is in need or Deontay Anderson providing the much needed boost defensively.

Derrick Brown – DT – Height, weight: 6’4″, 314 lbs – Ranking: 6th

Derrick Brown does not have a favourite, he claims that by having one it does not give him the opportunity to just step back and give other schools their fair chance.  Making it quite interesting for this important target, it is definitely  a way of keeping everyone on their toes.  Brown had  26 tackles for loss, 101 tackles, 17.5 sacks for Lanier High School last season.

Tyler Vaughns – WR – Height, weight: 6’3″, 175 lbs – Ranking: 35th

Vaugns is the third best receiver of the 2016 class, having UCLA and Washington in mind he still has USC as a top pick.  This  No. 4 Californian prospect caught 83 passes for 1,578 yards at Bishop Amat High.

A.J. Brown – WR – Height, weight: 6’1″, 200 lbs – Ranking: 132nd

Brown is the No 22 receiver in the 2016 class and his eyes are on Ole Miss although Mississippi state seems to be the number one challenger and it goes without saying that the Rebels want to add this strong wideout to its class even if they have 4 star DeKaylin Metcalf committed.

Rashan Gary –  DT – Height, weight: 6’4″, 311 lbs – Ranking: 1st

Jim Harbaugh has done an amazing job at recruiting  for the Wolverines, with 20 commitments and 14 pledges, but is work is not finished, he feels that the biggest names are still at large.  Lots of schools have No 1 ranked recruit on their mind. Rashan already visited a few schools such as Ohio State and Michigan.

Donnie Corley – WR – Height, weight: 6’2″, 180 lbs – Ranking: 113th

Corley had 18 touchdowns, 47 receptions for 1,087 yards and recorded 9 interceptions last season alone. This two way star who, as a cornerback, performed extremely well at Martin Luther King High School, and is also No 17 in the county, as his eyes on MSU.

Oluwole Betiku, DE – Height, weight: 6’3 ½”, 240 lbs – Ranking: 24th

Penn State is definitely set for the next few years as far as defensive line is concern and it still as other major targets in mind including Oluwole Betiku, but this top rated weak side edge rusher may have other plans.  Also 3rd best California prospect, Betiku  top choices are Florida state, Texas A&M, UCLA, Notre Dame and Penn state. But who knows, maybe through a PSU connection Penn State may just win him over.

Brian Burns – DE – Height, weight: 6’5″, 212 lbs – Ranking: 211th

It seems that Burns will be facing some hardcore competition at The Opening  but a strong performance may just lead him to better offers.  On his list we find Alabama, Texas, Oregon although Florida seems to have this young prospect almost committed.

Ben Davis – LB – Height, weight: 6’3″, 240 lbs – Ranking: 20th

It is unlikely for Alabama to be voided of 5 star prospects, but this year is the exception. Filling up with veterans at the lineback position, a name like Davis his of the out most importance and highly regarded at this point. Davis is still at the very beginning of his development, holder of 23 scholarship offers he is ranked as the 3rd best outside linebacker. Over the course of this spring he’s visited LSU and Florida states.  Who will be the fortunate one?

Damar Hamlin – CB – Height, weight: 6’1″, 175 lbs – Ranking: 142nd

Hamlin is the 12th best corner in the 2016 class.  No 4 player in Pennsylvania, this young prospect is on demand by Penn state, Notre Dame and Pittsburgh but it seems that OSU really needs him, having only one corner prospect, this would be a must for the secondary depth.

Dexter Lawrence – DT – Height, weight: 6’5″, 310 lbs – Ranking: 4th

Dexter Lawrence, No 2 as a defensive tackle prospect nation wide, is in the middle of  a friendly  battle to win him over is between FSU and Florida, and although Jimbo Fisher will continue is pursuit for this young prospect whom he sees as potential star, Florida seems to be a better fit.

Rashard Lawrence – DT – Height, weight: 6’3″, 305 lbs – Ranking: 16th

This No 2 recruit in Bayou State and 6th best tackle prospect county wide as visited Ohio state recently.  But this prospect as more to him that meets the eyes. Excellent at diagnosing plays, retracting, redirecting and using active hands to get off blocks it all seems to indicate that he’ll be committing to  assisting Ed Oregon and the Tigers.


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