Luke Ridnour, Orlando Magic player last season, went from Memphis to Oklahoma City through Charlotte in 24 hours last week.

But the point guard will undergo a fourth club, the Raptors. The Oklahoma City Thunder decided to exchange him against the Croatian Tomislav Zubcic, drafted by Toronto in 2012 and has never played in the NBA.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible that the Canadian franchise did not reach its final destination because Ridnour is a coveted player, not so much by his statistics, 9.3 points and 4.5 assists in 26.1 minutes per game playing for his NBA debut, but by his contract.

He enters the final year of a two-year lease, with a salary of $ 2.75 million non guaranteed if he’s transferred before July 10. This makes experienced player Ridnour, an interesting bargaining chip.

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