COPA AMERICA 2015, Brazil and Uruguay are eliminated but Chile, Peru and Paraguay have shown to have more than one asset to disrupt Argentina in his pursuit of a first title in 22 years.

Chile is home and he believes:

Opposing Peru in the night of Monday to Tuesday (1:30), although many have retained the controversial expulsion of Edinson Cavani,  the victory of Chile over Uruguay has mainly proved that the Chilean generation could get his first title in Copa America.  Even at home, Chile leaves the pressure on his opponents. Argentina has paid it’s fees in the quarterfinals and completely cracked, ending the game at 9.

The leader, Arturo Vidal would be an ideal candidate, but the performance of Jorge Valdivia, freshly recruited by Al Wahda, UAE, impressed from the start of the competition. At 31, he is the player we expected more from.

Should we believe them?  Never in its history, the country has won the Copa America. Chile has everything to repair this error of history in 2015. A first, Argentina is the toughest opponent of Chile, but in Santiago, no one imagine anything other than a victory. It would be experienced as a national tragedy and the end of a generation.

Peru becomes unavoidable:

Until his quarterfinal against Bolivia (3-1), difficult to imagine Peru being a trouble maker.  But in the quarterfinals, Paolo Guerrero and his teammates, authors of a three goals, have raised their level of play. Is it enough to worry Chile on his land?  In any case, they have no pressure. Their Copa America is already a success.

Top scorer player of the Copa America 2011 with 5 goals, second in the current edition with 3 goals, Paolo Guerrero is the trump card of Blanquirroja (Chile).  In the quarter-final against Bolivia this striker became the second scorer player in the history of Peru (24 goals) with his triple being just two goals away from Teofilo Cubillas’s record.

Peru had stumbled over Uruguay, 0-2 in the semifinals. Paolo Guerrero’s teammates were not up to par. Four years later, it’s a new opportunity for this illustrious footballing nation to find a final they haven’t experienced since 1975. But Chile and Argentina appear higher.

Argentina always believes to be the strongest:  Opposing  Paraguay in tonight ‘s game (1:30)

Argentina although not shinning is still managing. The Albiceleste is far from deploying all of its offensive talent but at least able to talk about its mental strength to move forward in this competition. This was especially true against Uruguay, with a ‘faux-pas’ banned from the second game victory minima (1-0).

The leader, Javier Pastore seduces but is far from being efficient. Lionel Messi? Not better. But Argentina has found a balance, at least not to receive a goal. It is naturally around Javier Mascherano (115 selections), who plays this time in midfield. he’s the handyman.

Argentina is not the favourite team but it remains the number one team on paper, followed closely by Chile. Surprised by Paraguay at opening, the Albiceleste tightened the bolts and we feel that they there is still power under the hood. It still as to release its offensive talent to win a first title since 1993.

Paraguay knows how to frustrate big:

Paraguayans have replayed the 2011 coup: eliminating Brazil in the quarter finals on penalties. Paraguayans took a goal well from Robinho but have generally mastered the Seleçao by being very rigorous. It is then their mental strength that has allowed Ramon Angel Diaz’s team to get by.

The leader, 109 selections at 38 with the experience of a Copa America final. Already captain of Paraguay, Justo Villar is the guide when the offensive talents (Barrios, Valdez, Santa Cruz) are not at their best.

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