The Return of The X Files

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The very much anticipated season 10 of “The X Files,” whose broadcasting is scheduled for January 2016, is currently filming. And with the US magazine Entertainment Weekly, which devotes a nice article in the revival of the monumental series of the 1990s, we find a few info and more images …

At their last appearance in 2008 in “X-Files movie,” Mulder and Dana Scully were on UFO territory. He was scraping to get by, she was working as a doctor. If we believe David Duchovny, who spoke to EW during the filming of the new season of six episodes, “Mulder’s not doing great. In fact, you can guess from my wardrobe: he’s not doing good at all “Scully seems to adapt pretty well”…

“We are spied upon and lied to!”

Chris Carter, the creator of The X-Files, explains that the episodes filmed right now are related to today’s concerns: “X -Files had finished just after September 11. Many things have happened since. In the name of protection, many of our rights and our freedom have been impaired. We are spied upon and lied to, all things that remind me of when I grew up around the Watergate. I think we are living similar times and even more disastrous,” he analyzes.

“We hope to scare you in a whole new way!”

That being said, do not worry, the strange and paranormal are ate the core of it all. “We will not resort to old cults and monsters, although we all thought about it,” as Carter says, “These are all new stories. We hope to scare you in a whole new way!”

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