Signed for 5 years to 70 million, Eric Bledsoe is one of the senior players of Phoenix Suns. And for GM, Ryan McDonough, it is not at all in the plans of the franchise to trade him … despite some rumors!

“Eric Bledsoe is still a young player in his twenties. He has improved every year since joining the NBA. And it is one of the best defenders in the league. So we would need a very big offer to trade him and it something that we did not even mentioned. It has never been discussed. And quite frankly that’s something you do not want to do.” Explained McDonough.

Author of a season of 17 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds, plus 1.6 interception, “Mini LeBron” actually even increased his stats from its first half-season in Phoenix last year. With the trade that brought Brandon Knight during the year, Bledsoe had to adapt to a new situation on its back position but the Suns have confidence in the ex Clippers.

“The frustration comes from the fact that if nothing is said, people think that these rumors are true. But it is not because we do not comment that they are true. We were not event close to exchange Eric Bledsoe during the draft. We are very happy with Eric and we are excited about his potential.”

While free agency period will start soon, on July 1, this type of development is always beneficial …

The Sacramento Kings have an eye on the leader of the Suns to make him their leader. The Bledsoe contract of 57 million over four years would not be a drag, and the idea would be to give DeMarcus Cousins something to smile about by associating him with a point guard he likes.

But then, to attract Bledsoe, the Kings should be very persuasive since the Suns ensure they ARE NOT SELLING, but maybe they can consider an offer they can refuse.

Is an offer including Rudy Gay can be refused?

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