While Kobe Bryant is undoubtedly a great champion, a great player and a charismatic leader, he is also known to be a living hell for its teammates.

Including extremely demanding during training, the Black Mamba does not have many friends among his former team, the Los Angeles Lakers. In an interview with ESPN, Kobe Bryant was asked about one of his previous statements “I would never be a good friend.” The shooting guard of the Lakers explains his remarks:

“I mean, friends come and go while the banners remain forever, launched Kobe Bryant. I made some player cry. And if I can make you cry just by being sarcastic, I don’t really want to be in the playoffs with you.”

Kobe Bryant did not name the players in question, but he dismissed Kwame Brown and Smush Parker explaining that it was an European kid and he could not even pronounce his name and surname. Despite is bad reputation, and his solitary side, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers still have some friends in the league such as Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom or Ronny Turiaf …

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