On Thursday night the Washington Nationals beat the Atlanta Braves 7 to 0 winning their 6th straight game. And who kept an impressive streak? Right hander Doug Fister, pitching 4 hit ball over 7.

Returning from a right forearm soreness Fister was making his second start furthermore, without having Bryce Harper nor Anthony Rendon in the starting lineup the Washington Nationals scored 7 runs. Ian Desomond hit a home run and drove in 2.

Can you imagine if Desmond and Fister get going? They are definitely ready to expand in their lead in the National League East and for the rest of the league featuring 11 games and having 8 in the books so far.

After three perfect games, The Baltimore Orioles came through and Eduardo Rodriguez innings for a 6 run fourth, helping them to a win. The Red Sox are now ten games under five hundred.

Oakland Athletics, well what can we say about them, they won again with Sonny Gray pushing 9 to 3 on this season, winning 5 in a row and 9 of their last 11.

For the Cincinnati Reds, Brandon Phillips had an unforgettable game, with a home run in the thirteenth after a double play 5 innings earlier.


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