The organization Islamic state (ISIS) claimed on the night of Friday 26th to Saturday, June 27th the deadly attack in a beachfront hotel near Sousse , Tunisia, which killed at least 38 people on Friday.

One of its official Twitter account stated:  The terrorist organization indicates that the attack was committed by Abu Yehya Al- Kairouni , which reached his target at the Imperial Hotel , despite the security measures. The statement added that this is an attack against a whorehouse and that 40 infidels were killed.  Belgian, German and British tourists were among the victims.

Tunisia is on high alert since the last attack claimed by ISIS (Islamic State) against the Bardo Museum in Tunis, which killed 22 people, including 21 foreign tourists in March 2015.

The seaside town of Sousse , 140 km south of Tunis, is a favourite destination for tourists. 6 million visited Tunisia last year and the vast majority were Europeans.
The Sunni extremist organization also claimed responsibility for the suicide attack Friday against a Shiite mosque in the city of Kuwait that killed 27 people and 227 wounded.

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