When history will consider the Obama years, she will probably see a period of profound transformation of the United States. Friday, June 26 was one of those days where progress comes like a thunderbolt, said President Barack Obama after the decision of the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage across the US.

“Buoyed by the modest efforts, citizens persevering, progress occurs by small steps”, he stressed: “Two steps forward, one step back.” The president himself is the emblem of the country’s evolution on the issue. Until May 2012, he refused to speak out publicly in favour of homosexual unions. Three years later, the decision of the Court was celebrated on a site of the “White House” with a White House logo of rainbow colours . “A big step in our march towards equality”, welcomed Mr Obama.

The United States became the 21st country to approve the marriage between persons of the same sex. By 5 votes against 4, the Supreme Court ruled that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which included the equality of all before the law was applicable, and that it “requires a state that celebrates the marriage two people of the same sex”.
This is the hinge-court judge, Anthony Kennedy, considered centrist, which was responsible for drafting the opinions of “wise men”. The beginning of his text, full of emotion, …

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