The UK pays the highest price in the attack Friday, June 26 in Sousse, Tunisia. Of the 38 people killed by the terrorist on the beach Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba, at least five are British, announced Tobias Ellwood, British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
“This is the largest terrorist attack against British citizens” since the suicide bombings of 7 July 2005 in London, which killed 56 people, said the minister.
Earlier in the day, British Prime Minister David Cameron had stated at the end of a crisis meeting, that Britain should “prepare for there to be a large number of Britons among the victims of the savage attack in Tunisia. ”
The Tunisian authorities have so far identified two other victims. “A Belgian and a German,” said Saturday the director of the department of emergency services, Naoufel Somrani.

The alleged perpetrator of the attack claimed the night of Friday by the Islamic state, Seifeddine Rezgui had hidden his weapon in an umbrella. The young Tunisian born in 1992 went to the pool on the property , near which he ” threw a grenade ,” says the pastry chef of the hotel. He launched a second grenade , in the principal’s office , first floor , and then went the reception and the gym.

According to a hotel employee interviewed in Tunisia, the shooter tried to spare the Tunisians only target foreigners. He was shot by the police after having had time to go through much of the establishment, for nearly thirty minutes. The slow response of the security forces may reflect flaws in the security system promised by the government to tourists.

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