Philadelphia 76ers:
3rd pick           Jahlil Okafor – 6’10” ¾ , 272 lbs – Duke, Center
Jahlil can definitely be a perfect fit as a Lakers big men who’s meant to be a double- double guy in the NBA. He is a potentially dominant offensive center. Grade A-

New York Knicks:
4th pick           Kristaps Porzingis – 70, 220 lbs – Latvia, Power Forward
Incredibly skilled and perimeter oriented, he can make a mid range jump shot. This is a Star in the making. Grade C+

Boston Celtics:
16th pick           Terry Rozier – 62 ¼, 190 lbs – Louisville, Point Guard
Definitely a defensive mid guard with excellent length, but how will he fit in the Boston Celtics who’s filled with young talent? Grade C

New York Knicks:
19th pick           Jerian Grant, 64” ¼, 198 lbs – Notre Dame, Point Guard
At Notre-Dame, this young player was a scorer nonetheless he always had a point guard inclination which is ideal to make an immediate impact. Grade B

Toronto Raptors:
20th pick           Delon Wright – 6’5” ½, 181 lbs – Utah, Point Guard
Awkward selection for the Raptors who is in desperate need at power forward, instead they picked a defensive minded play maker. Will the Raptors shop for Lowry?  Grade C-

Boston Celtics:
28th pick           R.J. Hunter – 6’6”, 185 lbs – Georgia State, Shooting Guard
It is obvious that Hunter is a shooter with an average of 29.8% at Georgia State last season without being at his full potential. Now, how exactly does hi fit in? The Celtics may have other plans in mind for this player.  Grade B+

Brooklyn Nets:
29th pick           Chris McCullough – 6’9”, 199 lbs – Syracuse, Power Forward
Unless this young athlete puts on some weight, there is no way a 200 pound power forward can survive in the NBA. He’s fantastic on the open floor and carries a decent jump shot, he can also beat defenders off the dribble.


Orlando Magic:
5th pick            Mario Hezonja – 6’8”, 215 lbs – Croatia – Small Forward/Shooting Guard
This is star material at its best, and although all we talk about is his shooting, we need to acknowledge that he’s the full package, all he needs is a bit of defensive coaching and polish up his ball handling. Grade a+

Charlotte Hornets:
9th pick            Frank Kaminsky – 7’0” ¾, 231 lbs – Wisconsin, Power Forward/Center
In desperate need of offense this is just what the Hornets needed. Kaminsky is versatile and he can slide between power spots, with a range that extends beyond the three point line. Grade B

Miami Heat:
10th pick           Justise Winslow – 6’6” ½, 222 lbs – Duke,Small Forward
Offensive is not his strong suit although he’s tenacious at defense. His biggest strength is his prowess in transition even if he seems a little out of control. Grade B+

Washington Wizards:
15th pick          Kelly Oubre Jr., 6’6” ¾, 203 lbs – Kansas, Small Forward/Shooting Guard
A luxury pick for the Washington Wizard who is apparently stuck at all position. All this playmate needs is to develop his athletic side but he’s definitely a backup point guard. Grade B-

Houston Rockets:
18th pick           Sam Dekker – 6’9”, 219 lbs – Wisconsin, Small Forward
Dekker runs the floor and can post up, also a great athlete he as the built of an NBA player but his shooting is a problem, if he puts in the effort and the work there is no stopping him. Grade B+


Detroit Pistons:
8th pick           Stanley Johnson – 6’6” ½, 242 lbs – Arizona, Small Forward
Using his strength well, he’s a powerful player that has elite defensive skills. Luckily for Johnson, coach Van Gundy, one of the best in the game, can fire up his ball handling and his offense. Grade B

Indiana Pacers:
11th pick           Myles Turner – 6’11” ½, 239 lbs – Texas, Power Forward/Center
Great talent, this young player can shoot it from three, blocks, rebounds and as skills unseen before in the NBA, all Turner needs is lower body strength. Grade B+

Milwaukee Bucks:
17th pick           Rashad Vaughn – 65”, 199 lbs – UNLV, Shooting Guard
All and all he’s a great scorer with the perfect size. Milwaukee can work on this talented young player can be used as protection against O.J. Mayo who’s still available. Grade B+

Chicago Bulls:
22nd pick          Bobby Portis – 6’10” ½, 246 lbs – Arkansas, Power Forward
Portis is the kind of player who can rebound, runs the floor and play relentlessly. It seems that the plan is to prepare him as Pau Gasol replacement. Grade A-

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