Yes you heard right Oscar de La Hoya is planning on returning to the ring after such a prolonged absence. At ager 42, after his defeat to Manny Pacquiao in December 2008 thus not setting foot in a ring for almost7 years, he says it’s a 50-50 chance of a comeback, not due to fear or doubt but simply due to the fact that his family’s support is extremely important to him and he simply wouldn’t do without it.

De La Hoya who was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame just a year ago with 39-6 and 30KOs, has experienced 2 terms of rehab for drugs and alcohol but he is now taking care of himself, running 8 miles a day and says he’s never felt better.
A comeback means a four months seclusion in Big Bear with the blessing and support of his family which he is sure to obtain but further more he feels completely rejuvenated, motivated and excited for the first time in a long time. As he watches Golden Boy fighter David Lemieux, Canelo Alvarez, Jorge Linares and Lucas Matthysse doing what they’re doing, it gives him a hole new license on boxing.

And what about Juan Manual Marquez who’s still going strong at 41, and Bernard Hopkins, 50 years old, whom he spent all weekend with in Canada, it sure makes De La Hoya question his retirement thus giving him a sure dose of motivation.

After all he is a fighter and even with is prolonged absence, he remains a fighter at heart. De La Hoya feels ready and wanting to fight the best at junior middleweight although the thought of Alvarez scares him a little bit for his power.

And if you ask who would be the chosen one? Floyd Mayweather is the answer, as per De La Hoya, the plan would be, having Mayweather fight Gennady Golovkin first, to than give him the rematch, although a clause as been signed after there firs fight. Nonetheless giving Oscar enough time to prepare himself, and fight the winner sometime next year.

Never loosing is itch for fighting, De La Hoya reveals that he wasn’t himself when fighting Pacquiao. “ I knew I was drained down to fight Pacquiao at a certain weight. And I knew that before the Pacquiao fight, in many eyes, I pulled off the Mayweather fight.”

CEO and founder of Golden boy Promotions says he will start hitting the gym next week, including having some plans to start sparring. All seems to indicate that he is on the right track, eating right, sleeping early and working out. Confessing that he’s not touching any alcohol nor any type of narcotics he’s never felt better and he’s ready to return to the game he so missed and loves.

A difficult position for Oscar you might add, yes it is but it just comes to show how far he’s come, a true believer and fighter.

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