Will Hardy reduced suspension have any impact on Brady's appeal decision?

Tom Brady, New England Patriots quarterback, was in New York on Tuesday to appeal his four game suspension and many possible scenarios can come from this hearing.

The Wells report states that a couple of team employees plotted to release air from Patriots‘ game ball after being examined by the referee, and also mentioned that Tom Brady was informed of the attempt to release air from the footballs.

Will Tom Brady be able to suit up for the NFL vs Pittsburgh Steelers regular season opener?

It would come as a surprise if commissioner Goodell and Patriots owner Robert Kraft don’t come to some kind of agreement especially after Kraft accepted the team Deflategate sanction and avoiding to pursue any legal action vs the league.

It seems to be a general consensus that Brady is playing in Week 1 although the suspension might not be overturned. Brady’s legal team can file for a temporary injunction allowing him to play if they ever decide to take the NFL to court.

Tom Bradly’s conviction of any wrong doing is leading this case straight through the federal court and since the NFL protocol does not apply there, it would not result well for the league thus having Goodell keeping an open mind at the appeal.

We realize that Brady is looking for a complete absolution, which means accepting a lesser suspension is likely off the table yet it doesn’t seem to faze our three time Super Bowl MVP.

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