Individuals love college football and love drafts yet you don’t frequently see a draft including college football. Up to this point. FOX Sports college football scholars Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman chose to hold a draft of the country’s best players.

What it is, is the two assembling a real group to contend with one another for an fictional spot in the current year’s College Football Playoff.

This is how it works:

Rule #1: Each author picks a beginning 22, a second quarterback and a kicker and punter for an aggregate of 50 picks, separated into a first and second round.

Rule #2: Each author needed to choose no less than one player at each position however could choose for himself whether to run a 4-3 or 3-4 resistance, two running backs or three collectors, and so forth.

Rule #3: Each author needed to pick one genuine first year recruit.

Rule #4: The draft request goes in a snake. Stewart got the first pick, so Bruce got the No. 2 and 3 picks, trailed by Stewart going No. 4 and 5, et cetera.

In this first portion, Stewart and Bruce exchange compliments, points and knowledge while directing their initial 25 picks. Nos. 26-50 and finished lineups will be uncovered Tuesday, and soon thereafter perusers can vote and remark on who picked the better group. They’ll additionally examine their picks in another scene of The Audible podcast on Tuesday.

Let’s get started!

* Stewart’s 1st pick: Other than quarterback, he has no doubt no other player on the field can impact a diversion more than an overwhelming guarded lineman, especially inside. He takes colossal Alabama DT A’Shawn Robinson, who, humbly, recorded at 6-foot-4, 312 pounds thus problematic.

* Bruce’s 2nd pick: His No. 1 player, Ohio State DE Joey Bosa. His statistics a year ago: 21 tackles for loss, 4 constrained fumbles. Enormous vitality gentleman. This will be his building piece.

* Bruce’s 3th pick: He’s helping himself out, in light of the fact that now he will be annoyed that he’s not the No. 1 pick: Arizona OLB Scooby Wright. He may not be as high on Stewart’s board, but rather with 163 tackles, 29 tackles for loss, 6 forced fumbles and 14 sacks, Two-Star Scooby is Bruce’s five-star gentleman.

* Stewart’s 4th pick: This last pick may bring about issues for is next pick, TCU QB Trevone Boykin. General this isn’t an awesome gathering of quarterbacks returning, however Boykin had a tremendous year in 2014 (3,901 yards, 33 TDs) and has every one of his recipients returning.

* Stewart’s 5th pick: Needing a run on pass-rushers himself, he’s choice goes to Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett. The stud sophomore, who had 11.5 sacks as a genuine first year recruit, he his definitely amongst the most gifted players in the nation at any position.

* Bruce’s 6th pick: Well, in this case, since Myles Garrett is taken, Bruce’s pick goes to Notre Dame OT Ronnie Stanley to grapple his hostile line.

* Bruce’s 7th pick: His next choice is Notre Dame OLB Jaylon Smith, who was No. 3 on his board but since he took Scooby, he has some uncertainty about taking another linebacker that high, yet he’s so great he’ll take him. He’s a way more athletic linebacker than Manti Te’o was.

* Stewart’s 8th pick: In light of this last Fighting Irish pick talking about Stanley, is next choice is Baylor OT Spencer Drango, a four-year starter who blocks 40 to 50 pass per game thus keeping Trevone healthy.

* Stewart’s 9th pick: Sticking with offense, there are a LOT of incredible running backs. Initially on his rundown is Ohio State RB Ezekiel Elliott. He’ll pick up where he left off with an astounding post season run (232.0 yards per play versus Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon), particularly behind a veteran O-line.

* Bruce’s 10th pick: He’s taking Florida State CB/S Jalen Ramsey. He’s an extraordinary player, and now, feeling amazing about his defense, no matte who Stewart picks Bruce is confident that there is just no comparison.

* Bruce’s 12th pick: Thinking that this would be one of Stewart’s pick when he took Drango, Ohio State OT Taylor Decker is the next runner up, he’s huge, aggressive and surrendered only one sack a year ago. Ohio State mentors think he’ll be a first-round pick. Nine of his main 11 players are currently gone.

* Stewart’s 13th pick: Liking how Bruce’s defense team is turning out and considering that his No. 3 overall player is still out there, Ole Miss DT Robert Nkemdiche, is the next choice thus weakening Bruce’s one dimensional team, with Nkemdiche and Robinson there is no running over him.

* Stewart’s 14th pick: Ohio State OLB Darron Lee. The redshirt sophomore was seemingly Ohio State’s best defensive entertainer in the playoff, and he’s entering just his second year as starter.

* Bruce’s 15th pick: Although Lee was the following linebacker of his choice, Baylor DE Shawn Oakman needs to be taken now. He had 13 sacks and 19.5 tackles for loss a year ago.

* Bruce’s 16th pick: This gentleman was not in his main 20, yet he has vastly improved more so than anyone at this position: Florida State K Roberto Aguayo. He won the 2013 Groza Award and went beyond and above just last year, 3-of-4 from 50 plus. What an amazing kicker.

Well that was a much needed player for Stewart yet he has a plan B in his pocket.

* Stewart’s 17th pick: It’s interesting how, in the NFL Draft, this position has been so degraded, however in school this year, there are just such a large number of good running backs that he needs to get ’em all. So he’s going to match up Ezekiel Elliott with LSU RB Leonard Fournette.

An eye for an eye, Bruce’s disappointment is palpable, that is the first gentleman Stewart has taken where he truly lamented not getting him before.

* Stewart’s 18th pick: Going back to defense on this one Michigan State DE Shilique Calhoun. He’s been one of the best in the nation two years running, scoring 16.5 sacks and was a bit astounded he returned for his senior year.

* Bruce’s 19th pick: Not needing to take running backs or another D-lineman until the end, next pick is Michigan State QB Connor Cook. He’s played in a ton of defining moments, has a better than average arm, and he’ll admire I gave him two great tackels.

* Bruce’s 20th pick: With this pick his next take is Virginia Tech CB Kendall Fuller. Three different Fullers have played in the NFL, and this one is the best of the cluster.

* Stewart’s 21th pick: Having the two most high ranked cornerbacks in Bruce’s team lets go get UCLA ILB Myles Jack. The buildup from his first year wore off a bit last season, however he’s still a staggering competitor and big-time play maker.

* Stewart’s 22th pick: Sticking in the same city, and requiring a Defensive Back,USC CB Adoree Jackson. He’s the first USC’s three way player in almost 20 years. The plan is to employ his as a return player perhaps as receiver perhaps as a corner back.

* Bruce’s 23th pick: Auburn WR Duke Williams. He’s a physical red zone receiver combined with his quarterback Jeremy Johnson, they should be putting up big numbers.

* Bruce’s 24th pick: Having adaptability in the back seven, flexibility and play making, USC S/LB Su’a Cravens, is the peace of the puzzle missing, 17 tackles for loss and three picks a year ago. With him and Jalen Ramsey it’s all coming together. The strategy is a 3-3-5 defense.

* Stewart’s 12th pick: Unlike Bruce there is no urge to grab receivers, since there is no Amari Cooper out there, his next choice is OT Cam Robinson. If he’s good enough as a freshman for Nick Saban it proves that he’s utterly talented.

* Stewart’s 25th pick: Now for his second quarterback: Ohio State QB J.T. Barrett. His team will come down to a rival between two of last year main five Heisman vote getters, Boykin and Barrett. What a fortunate choice.

In all fairness Bruce had four QBs left on his board and J.T. Barrett is not one of them. He really thought Stewart was going to take Clemson’s Deshaun Watson.

Stewart’s comment is that he’s to worried about is knee.

That is it for Round 1. Who had the better first round? You can vote in the survey above and present your defense in the remarks beneath. Inquire Tuesday for whatever remains of the draft

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