All the begging, pleading and laying down is now unnecessary Draymond Green is not going anywhere, the Warriors have it covered says general manager Bob Myers from the podium. “If you’re worried, don’t worry.” No matter what the cost is to retain the most spirited of the Warriors, Myers pledges front of over 500,000 fans at the team’s championship parade and celebration Friday at Lake Merritt,“We’ll bring him back,”

Draymond belongs to the fabric of the team, everyone knows it, the men in the locker room knows it, management knows it, ownership knows it too.

Although it is prohibited by league rules to offer or promise matching offers to retain Green it all seems to indicate otherwise.

NBA and acute observers new that Green was the successor to David Lee during the 2013-2014 season and that the Warriors would benefit once he entered the starting lineup.

Of the many turning point during a spectacular and successful post season, nothing was as obvious than the positioning and advancement of Green at power forward, furthermore in less than a year, Green has evolved from rotation player to a franchise pillar, bringing championship-level defense.

No one has been able to bring such undying spirit while inspiring his teammates and such tangible toughness the way Green has and let’s not forget to mentioned that he is a threat beyond the 3-point line.

Not only he’s to become a restricted free agent within next month but Green will be submitted a $12 million per season offer sheet. It is also known that coach Stan Van Gundy from the Pistons has a genuine interest in Green, a definite admiration and he’s also a Michigan native.

None the less, Green who made $915,000 this season, likes his teammates, loves to win and revealed his desire to remain with the Warriors, not only he feels at home in Oakland but it is a smaller version of his hometown Saginaw, Michigan.

“We’re world champions,” Green told CSN Bay Area on Friday. “And we did it. And it’s our league. And we run this. And we did it for the bay.

“And we’re going to do it again for the Bay. ‘Cause we rep the Bay. Bay Area’s team. We run this.

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